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Looking back at 2020, we could draw inferences from incidents that happened and conclude that is was indeed a really tough year. Economic devastation, Corona Virus and a whole lot of despicable and unplanned occurrences that took a toll on the world. Nevertheless, we had high hopes for 2021.But the hopes of 2021 as a year of recovery and restoration for all that was lost with the previous year seemed to have been short-lived as the second wave of Corona Virus surfaced almost immediately and took the world by surprise. As a domestic employer, periods like this could be quite challenging and sensitive especially for employers who are career driven people. You need to work from home and at the same time take care of the kids, attend to their needs and then take charge of the home duties. So having to handle all these tasks at once would proffer the decision of having a domestic worker or two to take care of the house while you tend to other parts of your life. However bearing in mind that it might be an unsafe period to entertain people into your home, there are four major things you should know as a domestic employer;

The current COVID 19 variant is deadlier than the former

The UK was the first country to record new strains of COVID that seems to be deadlier than the former. This new variant is said to be much more dangerous and can spread faster. South Africa and France subsequently experienced new strains of COVID and have been making plans to avoid its harmful spread. The truth is that these strains are out there lurking around and we need a high level of pro-activeness to keep them at bay. The only way we can do this is to take precautionary measures. Educate and orient your family about these new incidents and if you have a domestic staff or are planning to hire one, kindly do the needful by putting them through on current events surrounding COVID 19.

Taking a COVID Test is highly important.

This is very important especially if you would be hiring new domestic staff. It should be highly important that they take a COVID test to be really sure that they are safe. This process should be done in the hospital. Judging from the socioeconomic status of the country, the test is quite expensive, but it is better to pay now to avoid much more financial and emotional costs in the nearest future.

Lack of proper hygiene and care could be really dangerous

Enforce proper sanitation in the home. Especially with children who are prone to infections. Washing of hands regularly should not be an option and masks should be compulsory if there is any need to leave the home. Your domestic staff should be aware of these safety methods too especially if he or she happens to be a live-out domestic staff.

Virtual Assistants are highly recommended in the home

It is no news anymore that children have been confined to staying at home due to the pandemic; which means that physical learning (going to schools) has been put on hold indefinitely. However, learning should not stop for children because building their cognitive level is integral. To this effect, a virtual assistant or a caregiver who can help in putting the children in line academically with the use of technology is very important for children.

In finality, keeping safe should not be seen as an option or a choice. It is a must at this point in time because we need to help save the world by preventing the spread of this harmful virus. The world can become a better place if we are dedicated to making it so.

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