First of all, we just had a pandemic; and as it stands predictions have it that there might be a second wave of it. This is an important factor as to why need really serious safety steps to take this period. Asides that, the Christmas period comes with a lot of flip sides as opposed to the constant jollying because a lot of negative happenings are also bound to happen at this time.

Here are some helpful tips to get you going;

Be vigilant

Always be on the lookout. Do not be found walking about recklessly even if you are idle. Always be smart in your movements and avoid corners and really dark places. When in the home, be security conscious. Close doors and garages when necessary. Keep keys in secure places and inform the right authorities when you are not sure the house is safe at any point.

Practice Social Distancing

Always remember to be six feet apart from people when you have to be outside. Avoid clogged and clustered places. Talk to people from a distance and if you have to observe physical contact with people, do well to sanitize your hands and wear a face mask always.

Do your shopping early

A lot of people have his habit of doing their Christmas shopping at odd and not so favourable times. Due to the peculiarities surrounding this year, it is highly unadvisable to shop during rush hours due to the influx of people and the intensity of the period. It would be nice to do your Christmas shopping at least a month before Christmas. This would allow a more comfortable and convenient atmosphere to shop; and the last thing you would want is to get clustered around people in the bid to shop for the season. Corona is real!

Maintain Proper Hygiene

This is one you need to observe both in and out of the house. In the house, ensure that hands are properly washed, floors are cleaned and rooms are airy. Proper attention should be given to the kitchen because this is the power house of every festive season. Baking pans, pots, utensils and the whole place be properly cleaned to avoid food contamination. Actually, festive season records the highest number of food poisoning cases which is as a result of contaminated food. This can be avoided by simply keeping the kitchen arena and the house as a whole squeaky clean!

Avoid going out at late hours

Late hours are particularly unsafe to head out so do the needful during daylight. Late night periods can be perfect timing for hoodlums to operate and hurt people as they always take advantage of festive periods. Hence it is advisable you avoid going out at unsafe hours. Although, safe hours might differ from place to place, so the onus lies on you to figure out favourable and unfavourable outing periods that are peculiar to your area.

Get a first aid kit at home

For cases of allergies and flu (especially due to the relatively chilly weather or the nature of foods that might be consumed at that period) a first aid box in the house is imperative. This would help in attending to urgent medical needs as fast as possible. Although, it is not anyone’s wish to have a bad headache on Christmas, but sometimes, we need to set emotions aside and do the needful to avoid complications and unnecessary panics.

Avoid welcoming strangers

Do not let unknown people into the house unless you get a word from your employer. If they do not identify themselves properly, kindly avoid them from entering the home. Proper identification should be made before granting people access so that you do not unconsciously welcome thieves or pilferers into the home. In fact, the security surveillance cameras should be on always to monitor people as they approach the house so that they can be identified immediately.


Lastly, a hitch free Christmas could be achievable if we realize that need to not throw caution into the sea because we are basking in enjoyable activities of the season. Let us stay safe and protect ourselves always!

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